Call for papers
Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
  • Computational Intelligence (计算智能)
  • Computer Science and Technology (计算机科学与技术)
  • Information technology (信息技术)
  • Power and Energy (电力与能源)
  • Materials Science(材料科学)
  • Mechanical Engineering (机械工程)
  • Electronic Technology (电子技术)
  • Electrical Engineering (电气工程)
  • Civil Engineering (土木工程)
  • Control and Automation Engineering (控制与自动化工程)
  • Other Related Engineering (其它工程类相关)
Advances in Computer Science Research
ISSN Online: 2352-538X
Important Date + More
Final Paper Submission Due: Dec.1.2019
Accept. Notification: 7 days after submission
Conference: December 7-8.2019
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联系电话:+86- 13386113177
联系人:APCIIT组委会 Dr.Zhang(张老师)
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